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Cardiff Claims, if you have mis-sold claim, housing disrepair surveyors, mis-sold solar panel claims, japanese knotweed claims in Cardiff.

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We are Cardiff Claims, if you have mis-sold claim or have problem with home in Cardiff. We specialise exclusively mis-sold cavity wall claims, mis-sold solar panel claims, japanese knotweed claims, mis-sold alarm systems claims, mis-sold roof coatings claims and housing disrepair surveyors.

We are team of team of specialists has many years experience helping clients recover all that is due to them as a result.

Our Cardiff Claims

Mis-sold Cavity Wall

Cavity Wall Claims

Mis-sold Cavity Wall in Cardiff, talk to Cavity Walls Claims who can help you if you are living in a cold, damp environment can exacerbate your health problems

Mis-Sold Solar Panels

Solar Panels Claims

Have you mis-sold solar panels on your homes in Cardiff. If you have problem with your solar panels please go to 

Mis-sold Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems Claims

Mis-sold alarm systems in Cardiff. If you feel you been mis-sold an alarm system please get in touch. 

Mis-sold Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Claims

Have you had your home in Cardiff mis-sold sold roof coatings. Roof vcoating protect your house from heat and water damage. 

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Claims

Do you have problems with Japanese Knotweed in Cardiff. We can help you fix the problem.

Housing Disrepair

Housing Disrepair

Living in Cardiff and your rent your home. Does your home suffer from unsafe and therefore actionable defects and problems?

Climate FIX

Climate FIX is to help families in the Cardiff fix their carbon footprint.

Climate Emergency Support in the Cardiff from Climate FIX.

Working with councils and homeowners to reduce the carbon footprint.

Citizens, businesses and families of the urgency to reduce their carbon footprint.

Features Articles

Cavity Wall Services

Cavity Wall Fix

16th January 2019

Cavity Wall Fix have developed a unique in-house technical platform providing a live data feed from all site-based activities.

Cavity Wall Consulting

Cavity Wall Consultancy

7th April 2019

The home of Cavity Wall problems in the Cardiff, we can help you fix your cavity wall, or we can survey your cavity walls for damp and insulation issues.


Tensik Group Ltd

5th May 2019

Poor design, faulty workmanship or even home improvements which were supposedly necessary - faces landlords and homeowners.